How to use the Etchified Online Customizer - Tips and Tricks

Laser Engraving Artwork - Best Practices

The best way to order custom items is to be able to visualize them before you place the order. We have a best-in-class customizer that allows you to upload designs and configure your items to create a masterpiece. 

Laser etching is a single color process that precisely removes a bit of material from the surface of an item.

  • On colored drinkware, it removes the outer coating revealing the shiny metal below. 
  • On wooden items, it removes a shallow layer of wood, and darkens the engraving area. 

Because the engraving can only be a single color, the best art to use is a simple black and white graphic or logo. 

dog logo

The Etchified customizer needs to make choices about what will be engraved, and what won't, so it will always try to convert your art to black and white. Some light colors (especially yellows and reds) do not show up properly in the customizer preview. In the below example, the customizer has chosen the blue and the blacks to become black, and the red to become white. 

lighthouse photo       

Not every piece of artwork will work well with laser engraving, but we will always try our best to help modify it to work. If you have any questions about a particular piece of work, or you require a logo to be converted to black-and-white, please feel free to send the logo to and we'll see what we can do to assist.