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We're back.

Thank you. 

Etchified was founded from my kitchen table, in the early days of the pandemic in 2020. We started with a mission to provide a better way to make things personal. 

Since 2020 Etchified has grown into something we couldn't have imagined - all supported by our amazing clients. We moved from a garage into a shared workspace in October 2020, our own shop in July 2021, and in September 2022, we made a much more significant move - to Atlanta, Georgia. Etchified is joining Swaasi - a company that creates branded shopping experiences for businesses and organizations. 

What does this mean for Etchified?

We will continue to be a site where you can have fun designing and creating the perfect items for gifts, special occasions, corporate swag, and any other reason you may want to buy something with a custom-touch. With added resources and technologies, Etchified will be expanding into new products and services, while still providing the support that you deserve. 

What does this mean for Canadian orders? 

Being Canadian, I fully understand the frustrations that come with cross border shipping. Obviously, with a move to the US, we are going to have some growing pains as we learn the best ways to get your orders to you. We are working really hard to make sure we are as transparent as possible through the shipping process. We will continue to have our free shipping on certain order values, and offer as many affordable options as possible. 

Again - Thank You. We couldn't have grown to what we are today without you. We will continue to work hard to give you the best products and service we can. 


Alex Campbell

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