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10 Housewarming Gift Ideas

Has a loved one recently purchased a new home? Or are you a realtor looking to show your clients how much you appreciate them?

Buying a house is cause for celebration but nowadays there are seems to be many questions surrounding housewarming parties and the gifts that come with it.

If you have been invited to a friend or family member’s housewarming party, it is customary to bring a gift. Even if you are told not to bring anything, you should avoid arriving empty-handed.

Likewise, even if the new homeowners are not throwing a housewarming party, it is still customary that you bring along something when you first visit.

However, what kind of gift do you choose?

Choosing the Perfect Housewarming Gift

The perfect housewarming gift depends entirely on the person you are giving it to!

You can stick to traditional gifts such as houseplants and candles but consider something a bit more personal. The best gifts are sentimental, useful, and add warmth to the new home.

Money-wise, you don’t have to go crazy when it comes to how much you spend and you can still give the perfect housewarming gift within your budget.

This list will give you some amazing (and affordable) custom and personalized housewarming gift ideas for that special person in your life:

1. Personalized Cake Pan

Personalized cake pans are as functional as they are personable and make for a great housewarming gift!

You can have the snap-on lid customized to include anything you want such as:

  • Family Recipe
  • Family Tree
  • New Address
  • Family Name


You can also fill the cake pan with a delicious treat for the new homeowners. There are tons of delicious recipes you can bake right in the pan!

2. Custom House Portrait

Do you have an artist in your life? Are you handy with a paintbrush?

A personalized portrait of the new house is the perfect way to help your loved ones feel at home as well as officialize their big move!

Plus, if your friends or family members ever decide to move, they have a wonderful memory and keepsake to take with them.

3. Custom “New Home” Wine Label

Yes, we know, wine is such a cliched housewarming gift. However, you can make this gift special to the new homeowners by having a picture of their new house printed on the label.

Give the wine a personal name and include their address the date they moved as well. What a wonderful (and delicious) keepsake!

4. Personalized Dog Bowls

Sometimes humans aren’t the only ones making a big move, so why not pamper their pets when it comes to a housewarming gift?

You can give them personalized tags including their new contact information or customized Yeti water bowls to commemorate their new home.

5. Return Address Stamp

Not that many people send letters in the mail anymore, but it could be handy for the new homeowners to have a self-inking custom rubber stamp with their new address.

Perhaps it will encourage them to send Christmas cards this year. Who knows?

6. Framed Photo

Although they say to stay away from art and decor when it comes to housewarming gifts, you can’t get wrong with a personalized frame photo.

Ask around or check Facebook for a sentimental photo such as a beloved pet, favorite place, or a special relative who has passed away.

This is such a touching way to help your friends and family make their new house feel like a home.

7. Personalized Charcuterie Board

A personalized charcuterie board makes for an excellent housewarming gift. These charcuterie boards are made of black walnut and use etching that darkens the wood for a beautiful finish.

The customization options are endless! You can have the homeowner’s name and new address etched onto the wood along with the date they moved in.

8. Monogram Door Hanger

When it comes to housewarming gift ideas, don’t forget about the exterior of the home! A monogram door hanger is a perfect way for your freshly moved-in friend to personalize the outside of their home.

Plus, it allows others to find the new house in style!

9. Custom Home Ornament

Again, grab that artsy friend or your own paintbrush and create a custom ornament featuring the new house along with the year they moved in.

This beautiful ornament can be displayed all year round or added to the family’s Christmas tree.

10. Personalized Yeti Tumbler

It’s likely that your friend or family member has a collection of mugs to unpack in their new home but a personalized Yeti tumbler is not only functional but super stylish as well.

Our permanent laser engraved etching allows you to personalize the tumbler however you want!

Personalized Housewarming Gifts Are the Way to Go!

A personalized gift is the perfect way to show friends and family members not only how much you care but how well you know them.

When it comes to giving a housewarming gift, choose something to make the new homeowner feel special!

Check out Etchified’s product catalogue for more custom gift ideas.

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