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Gift Ideas for Client-Focused Businesses

Are you a real estate agent? Lawyer? Accountant?

We only ask because there are certain occupations that deal heavily with client care -  and what better way to show your clients that you care than by giving them a personalized gift?

Corporate gifting allows you to create a touch point with your clients by giving them a physical item such as customized swag. Receiving a gift is a powerful experience and creates a sense of connection between the giver and the recipient.

Not only is this a powerful tool for building trust and loyalty but also to market your services and your brand.

Before we get into some amazing gift ideas for client-focused businesses, let’s talk about why you should be giving personalized gifts to your clients.

Why You Should Give Personalized Gifts to Your Clients

When you are looking to grow your business and create business-to-business connections, customized gift-giving can help you build strong relationships. Getting to know your market is important for building trust, leading clients to want to invest in you.

Giving personalized gifts is a useful strategy to maintain relationships with your clients and give them a reason to remember you and your business. 

There is a wide variety of personalized gifts that are functional and memorable. They evoke positive emotions and can be customized to suit your client’s style and needs. 

Corporate gift-giving creates a psychological impact on the recipient, causing what is known as the “Endowment Effect” - a sense of ownership over an item that increases its value compared to when the item is unowned. It also promotes feelings of reciprocity and trust.

Overall, giving a gift to your client lets them know that they are valued!

Now that you know why client-focused gifts are important, let’s look at some personalized gift ideas:

Personalized Gift Boxes

Whether you order them online or curate them yourself, personalized gift boxes allow you to package a number of small items that are personal to the client.

Add a personal message and your company’s logo and you’ll create an unforgettable gift!

Think about small items that are relevant to both your client and your business. Items such as coffee, handmade soaps, and small customized drink tumblers are sure to be crowd-pleasers. 

Personalized Yeti

Speaking of tumblers, there’s no product hotter right now than the Yeti! Did you know it can keep drinks cool for 1-2 days and warm for over 12 hours?

Yeti steel tumblers are perfect for customizing too. You can add your company logo - this way, not only will clients remember you every time they enjoy a refreshing beverage, but they will be advertising your business as well!

Portable Phone Charger

For on-the-go clients, portable phone chargers are the perfect gift! You can have your company’s name and contact information printed right on the charger.

Whenever your client’s phone needs a quick boost, they are definitely going to think of you and your business.

K-Cup Coffee Samplers

If your client has a Keurig or Tassimo coffee machine at home or at the office, send them a K-Cup sampler. Who doesn’t love coffee?

You can even have the cups personalized to display your business logo and name. Every time your client prepares a fresh brew, they’re thinking of you!

Novelty Socks

Your corporate gift doesn’t have to be all business and no fun. Consider showing your clients a bit of your personality by giving them some novelty socks.

When choosing a design, look for patterns that have some sort of connection to your business. For instance, a real estate agent may choose a pattern with little houses or accountants may opt for dollar signs.

The possibilities are endless and your clients will connect their fun and colorful gift to you and your business.

Personalized Water Bottles

Water is the essence of life, so why not help your clients and their families up their H20 intake?

You can have your logo and business name etched onto high-quality water bottles that your clients are sure to use on a daily basis.

Does your client have kids? You can even have them custom-made for the entire family!


Customized wine bottles are a creative client gift that shows your appreciation. All it takes it having custom labels printed with your business logo and slapping them onto bottles of delicious vino.

Choose your wine and your message and let your clients enjoy both! And, after they have finished the wine, they can hang on to the bottle as a keepsake.

Wireless Earbuds

Everyone can make good use of wireless earbuds. Whether they are looking to relax with some chill out music or get their sweat on with some upbeat hits - this gift is sure to please!

You can customize the case with your company’s information so that every time your client enjoys some tunes, your name hits their brain along with the music.

Gift Ideas for Clients: Things to Consider

Before you send your client one of these amazing gift ideas, make sure that you are not breaking any rules. Some organizations and companies have rules against receiving gifts from partners and vendors.

Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping you from giving gifts to personal clients!

Also, when it comes to personalizing the gift for your client, take the time to get to know what they like. You want the gift to feel unique, not mass-produced. Casual conversations or even asking your clients simple questions will help you gather this intel.

Lastly, make sure you also accompany the gift with a handwritten note. This will give your gift the ultimate old-school appreciation touch.

At Etchified, we are passionate about custom products and the ways that they can express appreciation and gratitude to others. Nothing beats a personalized gift!

We invite you to take a look at our products and contact us if you have any questions!

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