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Adding a Drawing to your Engraving Design

Make Things Personal by adding a custom drawing to your order. 

Adding a child’s drawing or a hand-written note to one of our tumblers is such a great way to make a super-personal gift - let’s show you how. 

As the engravings are only a single color, the main thing to know is that anything dark will be engraved, and anything light won’t. We recommend using a Sharpie on a piece of white printer paper, but anything where there is a lot of contrast will work. 

The next trick is to take a photo of the paper in the smoothest, most even light possible. Best is indirect window light, but any way you can do this without shadows is OK. 


Upload your drawing to the Etchified personalizer. If the tracing isn't perfect - don't worry - this is simply a preview of the item and our graphics team will make everything look perfect. 

You can then move your drawing around, add text or a clipart, or just click Add to Cart. 

If there are any issues, our customer support team will reach out. 

We hope you love your personalized tumblers. These are a great way to add that extra flair to your next gift. 

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