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Custom and Practical Gifts for Pet Owners

If you wrack your brain trying to figure out what to buy for your friend’s and family’s pets, you’re not alone!

Nowadays, pets are considered family so it’s totally normal to want to include them in traditional gift-giving!

But instead of grabbing another toy that will be destroyed in two minutes, here are some custom and practical gift ideas for pet owners:

Personalized Pet Tags

Not only are personalized pet tags a great way to spruce up a collar but it’s also a practical way to provide important information should a pet get lost.

These premium tags are made of brass with a beautiful brushed finish. Plus, the laser engraving process won’t rub off or wear away over time.

Paw Cleaner

All dog owners know how cumbersome it is to wipe off muddy paws after a trip outside. Paw cleaners are a great way to minimize this effort while preventing floors from getting covered in muddy footprints!

Paw cleaners feature soft silicone bristles that remove caked-on dirt and mud, saving the dog lover in your life from dealing with filthy towels!

Plus, word on the street is that pooches love it too!

Bathtub Lick Mat

There aren’t many dogs out there that enjoy having a bath. Having a lick mat that attaches to the shower wall is a great way to distract nervous dogs.

This practical pet gift allows dog owners to slather on some peanut butter so their furry friend can have a yummy treat while having a bath.

A lick mat can also be used while grooming or trimming nails!

Doggie Raincoat

Dog raincoats are functional and absolutely adorable!

Dogs have come a long way from being accustomed to inclement weather, so a cute doggie raincoat will keep their fur dry and comfortable while they are out for their walk.

These raincoats are made with waterproof fabric and have holes to allow for a leash. Look for a style with reflective strips for increased safety while walking in dismal and rainy weather.

Ball Launcher

Dogs need ample exercise to stay happy and healthy - oftentimes at the expense of their owner’s arm!

Ball launchers allow the dog lovers in your life to toss balls further, letting their furry friends burn more energy while allowing their arms to rest between throws.

Added bonus? They won’t have to touch the slobbery ball. Win!

Custom Pet Bowls

Custom pet bowls are the perfect personalized gift for pet owners! Whether your loved ones have a cat or dog, you can surprise them with a customized Yeti pet bowl.

These pet bowls are made of vacuum-insulted stainless steel and feature a rubberized non-slip base to prevent wandering-bowl syndrome.

You can have the bowl laser engraved with the pet’s name. Not only is this is a charming gift but it allows your pet-owning friend to keep track of meals if their pet has a special diet.

Water Fountain

There are a variety of styles available when it comes to pet water fountains and allows pets to drink freshly filtered water throughout the day.

Having fresh water available is an important part of taking care of a cat or dog. With a water fountain, pet owners don’t have to worry about changing the water every single day.

Cat Perch

We’ve been making quite a few practical gift suggestions for the pooches, so let’s look at one for the felines in your loved ones’ lives!

Cat perches attach to a window using strong suction cups so that cats can sunbathe all day long. It’s the perfect alternative to a cat tree and takes up far less space.

Pet Grooming Gloves

Whether your loved ones have a short-hair or long-haired pet, it’s important to keep up with brushing and grooming to prevent mats and knots.

Pet grooming gloves have silicone grooming tips that grab up loose hair. The hair can then be easily peeled off the glove and tossed away.

Plus, because it has softer bristles than common grooming brushes, it’s more comfortable on the animal’s skin.

Memory Foam Pet Bed

Older pets often end up with joint problems, especially dogs. If the pet lover on your list has a senior pet, consider getting them a memory foam pet bed.

This allows their pooch or cat to lay comfortably while supporting their joints and muscles. Most memory foam pet beds can accommodate dogs up to 125 pounds.

Car Seat Cover

If the pet lovers on your list love to travel with their furry friends, then they are guaranteed tired of vacuuming up clumps of fur after every trip!

Car seat covers are designed to fit the backseat of most vehicles and are made of water-proof and scratch-proof materials. So not only does it trap fur but protects car seats from any messes that may be tracked in.

Treat-Dispensing Toy

It’s important to keep pets entertained and stimulated, but not all pet owners have time to toss balls or play with laser pointers.

Treat-dispensing toys mentally stimulate pets who both love to play and eat treats. Treats are inserted into the toy and the pet has to figure out how to access the treats.

This is also a great gift for rambunctious pets since it requires concentration and focus.

Scratching Post

Lastly, another gift idea for the felines. Cats are notorious scratchers and do not appreciate the condition of furniture like their owners do.

A tall scratching post with a sturdy base allows Kitty to scratch her little heart out without tearing apart your loved one’s home.

Gifts for Pet Owners

When you give the pet owners in your life a practical or custom gift, you are enriching their lives as well as the lives of their pets!

Personalized and functional gifts are a great way to show your loved ones not only that you love their pets but that you understand their needs as well.

For more information on how you can customize and personalize a variety of amazing gifts, feel free to contact Etchified today!

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